Author, Lise Dominique

Whoever said that dog is man’s best friend simply forgot to include, ‘ and also woman’s’.

Harvey the Wonder Dog is my heart. He is my best friend and sweet, little (?) furry companion. He is a true life force in every way that a dog can be. He commands and demands love and attention. And, he deserves it all. When I am exhilarated, sad, need love, a smile and somebody to hug, he is there. Although I know that I can never give back to him as much as he gives to me, I am here for him as best I can. 

Harvey came into my life at one of the happiest times and helped to get me through one of the saddest. He is a light, an inspiration, a wiggly bouncing mass of energy, muscle, fur, and love. Harvey the Wonder Dog is a rodeo on four paws! I am Harvey’s ‘mom’ and overjoyed to be.  

Harvey the Wonder Dog is a yellow English Labrador retriever and beginning next year, he will begin certification to be the type of dog who will visit and cheer the elderly and children who are ill. His love is the type that keeps on giving and it is gratifying to know that he will bring so much joy and comfort to those who need it so very much. 

I was born in Lake Forest, Illinois and live in the lovely neighboring town of Lake Bluff. I have already had a few careers and becoming an author is the most recent twist in that path for me. 

My B.S. in Radio-Television is from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. After 15 years of extremely satisfying on-air broadcast work in morning drive radio in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago, as well as a well-established voice-over and on-camera commercial career, I took a hard right turn. My new career path? Sales, for 6 1/2 years for a major pharmaceutical firm followed by corporate telecom sales for a Fortune 100 company for 6+ years. 

 Losing my job in late 2008 marked yet another turning point . I re-entered the world of radio, my passion, and also began the process of authoring this first book, inspired by my muse, the Wonder Dog.  He is always so doggone hungry that it was only  natural to write “Harvey the Hungry Dog” as the first in the series. 

                 Thank you for getting to know us. I think you will enjoy the ride!